You BE You Ayurvedic Retreat

Retreat Date
March 11-13 2022

Retreat Description

Begin the journey into wellBEing.

Join this 2 ½ day mini retreat and learn how Ayurveda supports your true nature and radiant health. In this mini immersion, learn the foundation principles of the oldest continuous healing practice on the planet. Discover your personal Ayurvedic body type and the Ayurvedic approach to nutrition. There will be fun experiential activities, and ceremony to integrate this ancient wisdom into your modern life. There is additional optional day for personal 1-1 sessions. This retreat is ideal for those seeking a simple, natural healing modality that caters to their uniqueness as well as for those in need of a clear strategy to create and maintain healthy eating habits. No pre-requisite required.


Group size: 8-12
Date: March 11-13 2022
Location: Ft Lauderdale, FL
Cost: $497
Pre-requisite: No pre-requisite required
Friday: Meet + Greet
Saturday: Who Do You Think You Are? Ayurveda 101 Session
Sunday: Eat Right for Your Body Type: Ayurvedic Nutrition
*Monday: Optional Private Session

*Cost of optional sessions not included. Fees vary

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