Dream Interpretation 101: Dream Time


These days, our dreams are even more important to understand. They are the windows to the subconscious. For decades,  many of you have reached out to me to get clarity about the symbolism of your dreams and what they mean for your life right now. It is time to leave those impersonal dream books and website alone. While they may offer some insight to archetypical element of the symbol, it does not allow you to bring all the elements together to speak directly to your present experience. In this play shop, you will learn the foundation of dream interpretation so that you can glean your personal messages from the Universe.

To participate in DreamTime, please do the following:

  • Write down or voice record your dream as soon as you wake up
  • Write down your emotional state (How did you feel when you woke up after the dream? Relaxed, agitated, amused?
  • Write down any re-occurring dreams

Dream interpretation is a gift that my Grandmother passed down to me and I am ready and excited to share it with you!