New Moon in Virgo: Love IS the Detail

The devil is in the details.” Nietzsche


This week the cosmos are giving us several opportunities to make long-term plans. By the time the New Moon arrives on Saturday, August 27th at 4:15 a.m. EST, five planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) will be retrograde along with the asteroid, Chiron.  

We will also be stepping into the Mercury Shadow. The Shadow is the period that is pre and post the retrograde of a planet. It is the time where the planet’s energy starts to slow down before it stops and begins what appears as a backward motion as well as before it resumes its forward motion.

Retrogrades, especially Mercury retrogrades, often get a bad rap as we tend to associate the period with an element of chaos, disruption and disorder. With a mercurial energy afoot, there is truth to the mayhem.  

However, there is also progress to be made during retrogrades. When we use this time consciously, we can reflect, review, re-evaluate, reposition, renegotiate (insert any word that starts with the prefix ‘re’) our lives according to the theme of the retrograde planet.

We get in trouble during retrogrades when we initiate rather than reimagine.

The next Mercury retrograde is Sept 9 – Oct 1.  Electronics (phone, TVs, computers), cars, travel, contracts, for example,  are ruled by Mercury. This is, therefore, not the best time to purchase new electronics, travel or sign new contracts. In preparation of Mercury backspin, however, it is wise to remember to back up your computer. If you travel during this period, reconsider connecting flights and opt for direct routes and remember to prepare for delays by packing extra snacks and a good book to read.


Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are farther out in the heavens. In astrology, we refer to them as outer planets.  They don’t always have the same personal impact as the retrogrades of inner planets like Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Jupiter in Aries retrograde (Jul 28-Nov 23) is a time to re-imagine our individual path. Jupiter is about growth, so it is time to re-consider how we wish to expand our consciousness, our beliefs, and sense of self.

Saturn in Aquarius retrograde (Jun 4-Oct 22) is time to reassess our self-imposed limitations and fears. This is the chance to restructure boundaries so that we can have a greater sense of freedom.

Neptune in Pisces retrograde (Jun 28-Dec 3) is time to release false perceptions, especially those that fuel self-sabotage.

Pluto in Capricorn retrograde (Apr 29- Oct 8) is time to renegotiate our power, especially as it pertains to our career and the legacy we want to leave behind. We have to dig deep and reexamine our dark side and understand how manipulation of self and others lead to a loss of power.

Chiron in Aries retrograde (Jul 19-Dec 23) is a time when deeply buried wounds resurface. These wounds give us an opportunity to acknowledge the pain as well as the healing.

Finally, Uranus in Taurus went retrograde this past Wednesday (Aug24- Jan 22 2023). It is time to release barriers and break traditions. We need to look for ways to get grounded in our own unique approach to life instead of relying on the status quo.

This is a general introduction to the present retrogrades. We get more personalized themes and information when we look at the houses, degrees, and planetary relationships in someone’s natal chart. The Bonus Retrograde Activity below will show us what area of our lives is influenced by each of the retrograde planet.

With all these retrogrades we can sometimes feel that the devil is in the details, i.e. there is some mysterious element at play. Regardless of how hard we work, we still feel stuck in certain areas of our life.  But we have a choice. We work smart  when we use the retrograde energy and the push of the New Moon to reprogram and reset.

Fortunately, this New Moon gives us the analytical prowess to re-examine important life goals. The Moon and Sun are in practical Virgo. Virgo is a feminine, earth sign. It is grounded, practical, orderly, and discerning.  Virgo is devoted and diligent. With this attentive and service-oriented sign, it feels more like love is in the details, or more precisely that Love IS the detail.  

In addition to the retrogrades, there will be two other celestial events that arrives before the New Moon. The Sun and Mars square off as will as Venus and Uranus. There may be moments when we feel frustrated or impatient (Mars) with ourselves and our progress (Sun). We may also experience unexpected (Uranus) frustration in our relationships (Venus).

Before you react, stop. Take a breath. Observe. Tap into the Virgo intellect and notice the subconscious patterns at play. Are we playing victim, martyr, manipulator? Does this situation feed our addiction for drama or the blame and shame game? Will this incident help us perpetuate our self sabotage?

Please note that these questions are all reflective. If we are really committed to our soul’s journey, stop asking questions like ‘Why is she/he doing this to me? Why does this always happen to me? How can I make them understand?’ The sooner we consciously take ownership of our role in these events, the faster we can use the drive of the New Moon to shift these patterns.

The sooner we understand that there is no devil lurking in the shadows trying thwart our efforts, then the faster we will be able to use the rhythm of the cosmos (like the retrogrades and moon cycles) to propel us forward.

New Moon Love is the Detail Activity

My blogs speak about the general movement of the planets, so it is what we experience as we all stand under the same sky. Your natal chart, however, reveals your specific SoulMap for this life.

When you refer to your natal chart, you get a clearer picture of what area of your life the Moon energy will highlight.  

Follow the steps below to find out what area in your life you are called to focus more on this New Moon. Discover where you can make love the most important detail.

PART I: Step 1: Cast your natal (birth chart)

1. Go to where you can do this for free. There is a tab for “Extended Chart Selection”. You will need your birth day, year, time, and place.

PART II: Find VIRGO in your natal chart

Do the following steps:

Step 1:  Look for the symbol for VIRGO. It looks like this:

Step 2: Look for it on the outer rim of the natal chart circle


Step 3. Look for the Astrological House (or life area) that VIRGO rules


  • The Black box shows the symbol for VIRGO
  • -The Green oval show the house that VIRGO rules in this person’s natal chart
  • SAMPLE CHART has VIRGO on the 3rd house

Step 4: Find the Meaning of the House ruled by VIRGO

Below to see the meaning for each Astrological House and determine where to pay more love and attention this New Moon



This moon, I will pay more love and attention to siblings and neighbors (3rd house)

YOUR TURN: Fill-in-the-blank below

This New Moon I will pay more love and attention to  fill-in-the-blank


To get more information about what area of your life the retrogrades will impact, please find the house in your natal chart where each of the retrograde planets are located. The house themes will give you a clearer idea of the area of your life that you need to revisit. Use the following prompts to renew your thoughts about that area in your life. Use the HOUSE chart in STEP 4 of NEW MOON LOVE IS THE DETAIL ACTIVITY to find the house topic.

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in Aries Prompt: What can I relearn with (house topic) in order to grow as an individual?

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius Prompt: What would I like to restructure in my (house topic) that will lead to greater freedom?

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus Prompt:  What can I re-invent with (house topic) that will give me long-term stability?

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces Prompt: What must I reimagine with (house topic) that will bring clarity to my spiritual path?

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto in Capricorn Prompt: What can I re-negotiate with (house topic) in order to secure my success and legacy?

Chiron in Aries

Chiron in Aries Prompt: What wounds do I need to remember and acknowledge with (house topic) to create a better understanding of self?

New Moon Rituals

Virgo is a slow-paced, calm energy that is methodical and systematic in its approach. It is ruled by Mercury so it is a quick thinking sign that gathers information in a logical manner in order to process and perfect its application. A New Moon in Virgo is a great time to get practical!

1. Make Plans

Many of the planets are retrograde so it is not ideal to push for major overhauls. Nevertheless, the New Moon is about initiating and planting new
seeds. Research your personal retrograde topics in the Bonus Retrograde Activity to set new intentions for the next 6 months-1 year.

2. Declutter Your Fridge and Organize your Kitchen

Virgo is all about diet and nutrition so take the time this week to declutter and organize your cupboards and fridge. Is it time to replace your Teflon pots and pans with a healthier more sustainable option? Is it time to recycle your plastic container and replace them with glass?

3. Take a walk

Spend some time in Nature. Talk to the trees. Hugs as many as you can. Observe how their branches reach for the heavens while their roots are still firmly planted in the earth.

4. Yoga: Upward Facing Dog

Virgo is grounded in the physical body. Yoga postures like upward facing down are a great asana to energize the Virgo energy

5. Swedish Massage

Virgo loves routine. A Swedish massage with a tried-and-true therapist is a stress buster for the mind, body and spirit

6. Refrain from Analyses Paralysis

Whatever you do this New Moon, make sure that you don’t spend time over-thinking or second-guessing yourself. This causes inertia. If your planning/goal setting session starts to feel taxing or draining, then it is time to get out of your head. Look to any of the previously stated rituals to help refresh your mind, body and spirit. 


The Beat of the New Moon

Chrissie Hynde and the Pretender’s Message of Love reminds us that ‘when Love walks into the room, everybody stands up and ooh its good, good, good.’  Life can sometimes feel unkind. ‘We fall but we keep getting up, over, over, over again’  For this New Moon ‘talk to me with the message of love. Love is the detail that makes all the difference.
Message of Love

One final detail…I took the photo at the beginning of the blog. It was the attention of detail by the artist Basil Watson that got my attention. His craftsmanship is present in the face, the body and even the fingertips of the piece. Love is in the detail.

Happy New Moon in Virgo,



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