New Moon in Scorpio: Feel What You Feel

“Emotions are celebrated and repressed, analyzed and medicated, adored and ignored — but rarely, if ever, are they honored.” -Karla  McLaren


Can you feel it? More change is in the air. Yes, indeed! At this point, we have honed our ability to adapt to sudden, unrelenting, massive disruptions, social upheavals, and emotional tidal waves. Some of us have flexed our way into a new life direction. Some of us have busted out our big endurance muscles and are resilient AF.

Regardless of where we stand on the Resilience Spectrum, the last 18 months has prepared us well. The world has kept us on our toes, ever ready to rise above whatever comes our way. And, my darling, as we move towards a new year, more change is on the horizon. The New Moon arrives Thursday, November 5th 5:14 pm ET at 12 degrees Scorpio and it is an opportunity to prepare for 2022.

Scorpio is one of three water signs. The water signs correlate to our feeling nature. Think of Pisces as the two fish dancing on the surface of the ocean, free and unbound. Cancer is the middle space where we feel the comfort of the womb.

Scorpio is the ocean’s floor. It is the dark, eerily still place where we rarely venture. Nevertheless, it is in this stillness where we can discover what is hidden. Here we will find the bits and pieces of repressed emotional debris that need to rise to the top and be released in a productive way so that we can authentically feel what we feel.

As human beings, we have a wide range of feelings and, therefore, a right to express the full spectrum of our feeling nature. Society, however, sends us a different message when it labels feelings as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ For example, we adore ‘happiness’ and ‘optimism’ and stigmatize ‘anger’ and ‘anxiety.’

Every feeling is valid. Every feeling is to be honored. We honor them when we acknowledge them in the present moment, consciously focus on the gift that they bring, and express them in a productive way. When we do, we fully embody ourselves and our wellbeing without damaging or destroying our health and relationships.

Sounds simple, right? However, we are trained from a very early age that if we wish to be loved then there are acceptable and unacceptable ways of responding to our feeling nature. In our quest to belong, we shove our emotions down so deep for so long that we are often clueless to how we authentically feel or how to properly channel our emotions.  We get stuck in a lifetime of emotional imbalance that leads to mental, emotional, and physical discomfort, dysfunction, and disease.

Society tells us to mask up emotionally with directives like, ‘Put on a happy face’ and ‘chin up’ and ‘smile though your heart is breaking.’ We are rarely given constructive ways to channel our uncertainty and pain. Instead, expressions like “Real men don’t cry’ or ‘She must be on her period’ or ‘Children must be seen but not heard’ or ‘Leave your feelings at the door’ are hard wired into our psyche.  

As a result, we perfect an auto-pilot proficiency in burying our emotions deep down to places unseen. The result is that many of us move through life numb, medicated and far removed from our authentic self. And this really hurts.

With the Scorpio New Moon, we can flex our newfound resiliency to free these stuck emotions. To help shake things loose, Uranus will be in opposition to the New Moon.

Oppositions are powerful catalysts that often uses an external event to propel change. Uranus’s cosmic waves may bring an unexpected offer or person that confirms that we are on the right path. If we need a redirect, Uranus can bring a sudden and drastic course correct. Either way, this New Moon is about feeling what we feel so that we can have a more authentic self-expression.

Take advantage of this intensely powerful New Moon. Give yourself time and space to uncover, rediscover and tune into how you truly feel.  To help navigate our emotional channels, take time to do the following:

  • Right now, take a breath and tune into your feelings. What thoughts are streaming in the background of your mind? Where are you feeling the emotion in your body?
  • Throughout the day set an alarm to stop and tune into what you are feeling in the moment
  • Whenever an event or person triggers you, notice what emotion appears. Do you bit your tongue or explode with anger? Do you lose your balance and get thrown off track or do you withdrawn and lose sight of hope?
  • When you feel anger (or variations like irritation, frustration, rage, apathy) ask, “What do I need to do now to build better boundaries?”
  • When you feel anxiety (or variations like confusion, chaos, uncertainty) ask, “What action must I take now?
  • When you feel depressed (or variations sadness, lethargy, heaviness) ask, “What must I release, surrender and forgive right now?

These simple cues are the starting points to find productive ways to channel our feelings and end the habit of burying emotions. Really commit to exploring your emotions during this New Moon. It will support and prepare you for the tsunami of change headed our way.

One more thing! Tomorrow on November 5th, Venus moves into Capricorn until March 2022. She will help us to build a new awareness in relationships with self and others. Understanding how we authentically feel will help us optimize this Venus cycle. Two weeks from now on November 19th, we kick off eclipse season with a Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus. Eclipses are radical shifts. Lunar eclipses are an emotional reset. What we do now at this New Moon will buoy us through this upcoming emotional reboot. Yes, my lovely, it is time honor your emotions. Can feel it?

New Moon Rituals

I highly recommend that you extend these rituals throughout the week. Do some or do all. Do something every day to honor yourself and the Moon.

  1. Mini Retreat:

If possible, enjoy a mini retreat, 1 hour, ½ day, one day or a weekend. Find a time frame that you can commit to without disturbance. Scorpio is ultimately the sign that supports us stepping into our personal power. When we are not in charge of expressing our authentic feelings, we hand over our power to the emotional trigger. It is crucial to take time in retreat to dive deep into your emotional world. Look at the suggestions below to help you prepare for the emotional exploration.

  • Dive into your signature emotion:

Take time out to consider what is your go to emotion. When things are going well, what do you feel? Relaxed, happy, hyper?  When things are not going well, what is your typical emotional response? Do you get angry, anxious, or depressed?

  • Watsu

One of my favorite massage modalities is a gentle stretch routine performed in a warm pool. The therapist supports you and moves your body into Tai Chi like positions. It requires you to trust the practitioner and the process. Once you surrender, it creates a return to the womb experience.  It is a deeply healing session.

  • Water Works:

Scorpio is a powerful water sign so spend time in the water. Take a bath. Go to the pool for the afternoon. Scuba dive. Spend time in a float tank. Submerge yourself.

  • Journal:

This New Moon try an automatic writing exercise. Prepare a pen and blank paper. Set them close by. Sit in meditation. When you finish your meditation, take the pen and paper, and begin writing. Do not think about what to write, just write. Get those mental and emotional debris up, out and on paper. Then you can burn it (safely) and release them.

  • Get an Intuitive Reading:

Scorpio is super intuitive. Have an intuitive session with a professional. There are a variety of options. Work with a medium or get a Tarot reading. Try one that resonates with you. Or have a DIY session of your own.

  • Corpse Pose

Scorpio is the sign of death and transformation. Savasana or the corpse pose is the asana that we practice at the end of our yoga class. It looks simple.  You lie down and do ‘nothing’. Nevertheless, many of us struggle to remain present.

Savasana helps us to relax in the moment.  It soothes the nervous system, calms the mind and promotes restorative sleep. During this New Moon, practice Savasana as we invite death to unproductive emotional habits.

Feel More Authentic ACTivity


My blogs speak about the general movement of the planets, so it is what we experience as we all stand under the same sky. Your natal chart, however, reveals your specific SoulMap for this life.

When you refer to your natal chart, you get a clearer picture of what area of your life the Moon energy will highlight.  

Follow the steps below to find out what area in your life you are called to focus more on this New Moon. Discover where you need to feel more authentic!

PART I: Step 1: Cast your natal (birth chart)

1. Go to where you can do this for free. There is a tab for “Extended Chart Selection”. You will need your birth day, year, time, and place.

PART II: Find SCORPIO in your natal chart

Do the following steps:

Step 1:  Look for the symbol for SCORPIO. It looks like this:

Scorpio Glyph

Step 2: Look for it on the outer rim of the natal chart circle

Scorpio on the cusp

Step 3. Look for the Astrological House (or life area) that SCORPIO rules


Scorpio on the 5th house cusp
  • The Black box shows the symbol for SCORPIO
  • The Green oval show the house that SCORPIO rules in this person’s natal chart
  • SAMPLE CHART has SCORPIO on the 5th house

Step 4: Find the Meaning of the House ruled by SCORPIO

Below to see the meaning for each Astrological House and determine what you need to focus on this New Moon.

Astrology Houses


This New Moon it is my chance to feel more authentic with fill-in-the-blank


This moon, it is my chance to feel more authentic with my children, lovers, and creativity.

There is much more to this. Nevertheless, it is a starting point to provide some idea on your focus this Scorpio season.

The Beat of the New Moon

The Jackson 5 Can You Feel it? “The whole world is coming together now. Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it?’

Jackson 5 Can You Feel It?

Happy New Moon in Scorpio,


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