New Moon in Pisces: Dream Time

“The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. It isn’t a calamity to die with dreams unfulfilled, but it is certainly a calamity not to dream. It is not a disaster to be unable to capture your ideal, but it is a disaster to have no ideal to capture”

-Benjamin E. Mays

Dream Time!
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March 2nd is the New Moon in Pisces. It is time to dream again. It is time to hope again. It is time to imagine a new life and float it into the world.

Today’s Pisces New Moon arrives at 12 degrees at 12:34 pm. Pisces, a water sign, knows no boundaries. It is the gentle, free flowing artist and poet of the zodiac. Pisces is a water sign and water signs deal with our emotions and internal landscape. It is the 12th and last sign so this New Moon wraps up the astrological year. There is a sense of completion and it feels good.

The New Moon stands next to the great benefactor, Jupiter and not too far from Neptune. Jupiter is often associated with a sense of optimism and expansion; Neptune with compassion and intuition. In traditional astrology, Pisces is ruled by the ever buoyant Jupiter. In modern astrology, it is ruled by the boundless, watery Neptune. Both Jupiter and Neptune gives this Moon a sense of limitlessness. Pisces, with its undefined edges, feels at home in Jupiter and Neptune.

Today’s New Moon has 4 planets (Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune) in watery Pisces. We can dive into the expression (Sun) of our emotions and subconscious (Moon) with a more optimistic (Jupiter) set of ideals (Neptune). It is a pleasant time to expand our vision, our hopes and dreams. We will be asked to consider where we can dream bigger and without self-imposed restrictions.

Today, we continue from last moon’s Lunar New Year’s goal setting energy. This month, however, the laid back Pisces feeling allows us to intuitively tap into all the things, place and achievements we have spent a lifetime yearning for. Ask, ‘What dream have I tucked away because it did not seem possible? Realistic? What would give me a sense of excitement and openness?

We have spent the last 2 years, locked up inside. Our movement restricted. We said, ‘goodbye’ to our day-to-day routine. We said ‘goodbye’ to many dear ones, abruptly and without emotional closure. We witnessed a deadly deluge spread across the globe and washed away our elders and the wisdom of their generation. No one will be able to go back to ‘what was’ because it was virulently uprooted and unraveled. The normalcy of our lives is completely disrupted, forever.

For many, it has been an uncomfortable, painful, anxiety-riddled and lonely time. It is, therefore, understandable that we want to settle for a feeling of ‘what was’. Be careful! Nostalgia is a prettily dressed delusion that hides the unsightly curves in life. Be truthful! In many areas of our lives, ‘what was’, was inadequate, unfulfilling and unsustainable. When we yearn for ‘what was’, we distract our attention from ‘what is’ and ‘what can be.’ Right now, the beauty in this chaos, is that our definition of ‘normal’ is completely up for grabs. Be hopeful! We have a rare opportunity to re-imagine, reset and renew our life.

In these unprecedented times, the Universe gifts us a sacred baptism in the Pisces water to explore our internal world and dreams. With the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, the floodgates of imagination and creativity are open wide. With Uranus in Taurus standing close by, we have the support to do something radically different. This New Moon give us the chance once again to dream the big dream and then expand on it. So, are you going to ride this wave of change?

This sweet Pisces New Moon brings a gracious lifeboat for our transformation. This is because there are no harsh aspects to this lunation. And there are no planets in retrograde. Immerse yourself completely in compassion, forgiveness, gentleness that comes with the Pisces energy. Make sure to pay special attention to our inner landscape, our day and night dreams, our intuition. Use them as an internal navigation system for what is to be our new life. Allow them to help us float towards new undiscovered worlds, within and without. It is time to take charge of the helm and sail into the emotional and subconscious currents that we have buried under the rocks of normalcy. Now is the time to get beyond the shore and flow forward in the direction of our what is and what is to be.

New Moon Rituals

The Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune are in this watery element. There is an abundance of Pisces energy with this New Moon so make water a priority this week. Commit to water rituals as often as possible.

  1. Water, Water Everywhere

Drink water. I have always been a water drinker and in the last few months, I increased my water intake. I noticed that when I do not drink my new intake amount, I experience fatigue. The moment I hydrate, my energy rebounds. This New Moon commit to hydrating with good clean water. #StayHydrated #LivetheJuicyLife

2. Bathe

Bathing is a favorite Moon ritual. It is also a part of a wellbeing routine. Water is a cleansing and grounding element. Being immersed in warm water (a little above body temperature) creates a sense of physical and emotional comfort. Check out this Family Circle article I was featured in:

3. Ocean Connection

If you are able to go to the ocean and can spend time in the water, walk along the shore or simply sit, then go and be moved by the magnificence of the Mama Ocean. Water makes up 70% of the Earth’s surface. Water makes up 70% of our body. Most of this water is found inside our cells. Our intracellular fluid resembles the components of the ocean water. We are connected to the oceans. When we spend time at the ocean we get reconnected to a powerful moving force within and without ourselves.

4. Meditate

A Pisces Moon is a perfect time for inner reflection. You do not need any special protocol. Sit. Breathe In. Wait. Tune In. Wait. Feel what you feel. Allow that sensation to float to the surface. Breathe out. Reflect.

4. Dream

Pay attention to your dreams during this Pisces New Moon. They are the lighthouses of our subconscious mind. Use them to get clarity about how to navigate the new unchartered journey ahead.

5. Downtime

If there is one thing on this list of rituals to accomplish this New Moon, it is to plan out some downtime. Carve out time to do some of the rituals on this list or to do nothing at all. A busy life is an unexamined life. Distraction does not serve our spiritual expansion. The last two years of lockdown has proven how important it is to have time to reflect. When we step away from the madden noise, we can hear that still small voice.

6. Aromatherapy

The subtle yet powerful healing force of essential oils and hydrosols flows perfectly with the abundance of Pisces energy. Connect to an oil. Use it in your bath or beauty routine. I recently took a distillation course and found a new respect for essential oils. Check out my Instagram posts and reels to see pine and frankincense distillation.

7. Art

Pisces is the poet and the artist of the zodiac. Many famous artists are Pisces. Indulge in creative activities. Your artistic abilities are irrelevant. In fact, the more abstract the better. Grab a paint set or pen and paper. Come back a few days later and see what image or message shows itself to you.

A Dream Come True

My StarDust Beginner’s Astrology class dream is finally a reality. Thank you for requesting this class. Astrology is an excellent tool to understand who you are, your life purpose as well as to explain why you have certain habits and mindsets. Most importantantly it is a great tool to explain the what was, the what is and the when and what will be.

This class allows you to grasp the foundational concepts. You will understand the planets, signs and house in your personal natal chart. We will not be speaking in hypotheticals. We will be speaking about YOU!

This 6-week course starts Monday, Mar 21st. Please note that even though our 6 weekly Zoom sessions will be packed with information, activities, playsheets and reference guides, you will not become an astrologer. You will, however, begin to dip your toes into the vast well of astrology and walk away clearer about who you are and what you desire to accomplish with your one wild and precious life.

Got questions? Well you are cordially invited to the StarDust Pre-Launch party.

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The Beat of the New Moon

Water, water, everywhere with this New Moon in Pisces. I would not dream of any other song for the Beat of the Moon. This is a fun and upbeat song. It will get us in the Pisces mood of expanding the joy of the moment. So grab your glass, dance your heart out, drink water and mind your business.

Survivor The Eye of the Tiger

Happy New Moon!

It is Dream Time, Baby!


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