New Moon in Aries: The Audacity To Hope

Hope- Hope in the face of difficulty. Hope in the face of uncertainty. The audacity to hope.”

-Barack Obama

Bold Beginnings
Kingston Sunrise: The Golden Hour Photo by Monique Blake


April 1st, the New Moon in Aries, ushers in bold beginnings. After two years of upheavals, upsets and uncertainty, we finally are getting the cosmic green light to Hope again. This is no April’s Fool joke. The Universe asks us to be audacious in our efforts for an optimistic restart.

Today’s New Moon arrives at 11 degrees Aries. Aries, a fire sign, lights up the soul. It is the first sign of the zodiac and it is an energetic self starter that is ready to blaze a new trail. Fire signs deal with our insight and inspiration. It is the fire within. Aries is the first spark that gives us the boldness and courage to step onto a new path.

The New Moon comes after two weeks of an intense astrological year wrap up session. We have longed for this blast of refreshing air. But this New Moon is not just a turning point for the upcoming month. It is also a turning point for the upcoming year and our future as a whole.

Our lives, individually and collectively, survived a historic upheaval. It is one that we hope never to experience again in our lifetime. For the last two years, we have understandably pivoted in order to maintain any semblance of balance so that we might survive the drastic losses and shifts in our lives.

The Sun is slowly setting on this unstable stance. Today’s New Moon heralds in a new dawn. It reminds us that it is finally time look toward a brave new world. And there are so many incredible cosmic collaborations happening this month to assist us in getting our head in the space of new possibilities for now and the long term.

The first cosmic spark is the long awaited Jupiter and Neptune meet up on April 12th. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Neptune the planet of unity. They are both in the intuitive, artistic and spiritual sign of Pisces. We get to flow forward and grow on a new spiritual journey.

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces ushers in a new belief and mystical path. It is often associate with rise of the guru and messiah. But I must warn that if the search for spiritual wholeness is externalized, we will defeat the deepest meaning of this rare event.

To make the most of this extra-ordinary moment, it is time to recognize that the wisdom we seek is within. This is not to say we cannot get inspiration from a book or class. And of course there are many great thought leaders and teachers that offer meaningful guidance that resonates with us. But as one of my mentors reminds me often, ‘there is no one ( and nothing) coming to save you.’ And no one has to because in truth, nothing and no one exist outside of ourselves (no person, place or thing). Our savior is not out there somewhere.

This search for ‘the one’ is the ultimate distraction and disengages us from our own power. This search keeps our schedules full and our souls barren. This search holds our attention outward and in the realm of separation. This search makes us dabblers of spiritual trends instead of masters of our sacred truth. This search is one of the ways to use the energy of this great Jupiter Neptune meetup in a thoroughly unproductive way.

Fortunately, the Aries moon, with its focus squarely on the self, keeps the perils associated with the elevation and idolization of the ‘guru’ or ‘messiah’ at bay. We can instead stand in gratitude for the ‘other’ not as some demigod or magic pill. Rather we regard the ‘other’ as a reflection of self.

We understand the wisdom the ‘other’ brings is a chance to see ourselves more clearly. Once we do, then we can integrate that aspect into our psyche. This is the precious gift that the ‘other’ gives to us on our journey back to self and wholeness.

Additionally, there will be other assistance from Mars and Saturn as they also meetup shortly after the New Moon. Mars and Saturn are considered planets that often bring discomfort because of the challenges they provide for our soul’s growth. Both will ask us to reflect on our lives since 2020.

The sharpness of Mars and maturity of Saturn urges us to bring closure to the events over the last two years. In other words, honor what was lost and give thanks for what was gained. It has been years of sunsets. And we know it is darkest before the dawn. This New Moon helps us to prepare for the sunrises ahead. For it is, indeed, a new dawn, a new day and a new life. With this New Moon in Aries, it feels good.

New Moon Rituals

The Sun, Moon are in Aries. It lights a fire in our belly and inspires us to BOLD BEGINNINGS. Optimize this refreshing energy by staying focused on the self. Ritual is an excellent way to center our intention and attention.

  1. Sunrise

Get up and enjoy the sunrise. If possible, go to the beach this weekend and watch the gracefulness in which the Sun makes its morning entrance. Take the time to welcome a new day. Greet it with a sense of gratitude and calm.

2. Listen to the Gayatri mantra

The is one of the most beautiful ways to start each day. The Gayatri honors the sun. When we start the day with this mantra, we give reverence to the Light that is at the center of our outer and inner world. It is best to listen to it at sunrise and at sunset- the two most powerful energetic shifts in our day.

Bhuh Bhuvah Svah
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo nah Prachodayat

To the Divine we thank and honor the illumination brought into our lives. Yes, I am oversimplifying the meaning. If you wish to take a deeper dive into the Sanskrit translation, there are several resources online. I highly recommend taking a deeper look.

3. Spring Cleaning

It is time for a refresh. Turn your attention to every corner of your world from your car to your home and your makeup and gym bag. You don’t need to do it all at once but take the time to do them well.

4. Head Massage

Aries rules the head. Ask your massage therapist to include a nice head and/or scalp massage with your next session. You can also put a drop or two of oil on your fingertips and massage it into your scalp as a part of your morning self massage ritual.

5. Aromatherapy

Citrus oils are great for the spring. While each has their unique individual properties, as a group they convey a brightness and optimism for the mind, body, and spirit.

6. Light a Candle

Light a candle each morning with an intention of consciously bringing light into your world.

7. Honor your journey

Make a list of all that you have lost over the last 2 years, family, work, friends, etc. Light a candle for them. Spend time with each person or thing on your list and reflect with gratitude. Make list of your plans for the upcoming part of your journey. Focus on the year ahead, the next 5 years or as far ahead as you wish

6. Be Hopeful

It is time to stretch our capacity for Hope. As President Barack Obama said, it is time for the ‘audacity of Hope’ To be brave is to be hopeful.

The Beat of the New Moon

There was no other song choice for me. When I hear Nina Simone sing this, my Hope-o-meter shoots up to full capacity. The orchestration and the fullness of her voice lifts me out of whatever swamp I am in. It is a new day, a new dawn, a new life for me….And I am feeling good…padum padum padum

The incomparable and uncopyable Nina Simone It is a New Day

Happy New Moon!

It is a new dawn, it is a new day, Baby!


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  1. Agathe

    Beautiful newsletter as always!
    And that Nina Simone song is perfect 😍
    Thank you for your wisdom Monique.

  2. Monique Blake

    Agathe, thank you! Love and appreciate you and the light you share with me and so many others. And yes, you cannot go wrong with blast of sunshine that comes through in Nina Simone’s voice. It sounds and feels good.

  3. Rea

    All beautiful, Monique. So glad you reminded us what we seek is already here within. I gratefully receive your inspiration and hope for the brave, bold, new coming. I’m very grateful for your teachings.

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