New Moon in Libra: Move Forward Gracefully

Dark Moon

To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together. -African Proverb

Beautiful People,

Welcome to the grace and poise of the New Moon in Libra. She is the first New Moon of Autumn and brims with a renewed sense of possibility. She prepares us as we finally begin to feel the momentum that will propel us forward into a brave new world.

The New Moon in Libra arrives Wednesday, October 6th at 7:05 a.m. EDT. We begin our search for grace in the dark because the Moon has no light of her own. In the night sky, the New Moon cannot be seen because the side that faces the Earth does not reflect the light of the Sun. 

Every New Moon is a start. More specifically it is the beginning of a two-week lunar cycle. When it occurs, the Moon stands next to the Sun and brings synergy between the subconscious and conscious mind.  This meeting is supercharged with potential, opportunities, and beginnings. It is the dark in search of the Light.

Today we start our journey to the brightness of the Full Moon which takes place a fortnight from now.  In preparation, we can optimize this moment of darkness and purposely plan for the expansion of the upcoming Light.  With this New Moon, we gracefully seed the path with the Libra themes in our lives.

Libra, like all air signs, thrives on communication.  Libra’s ruler Venus is the feminine goddess of Love and the planet of attraction. Her focus is on relationships. Today’s Libra New Moon helps us communicate a new sense of harmony in our relationships with self and, therefore with others. The grace required may mean that there are words, habits, and people that we need to release to create healthier and more harmonious partnerships.

This New Moon, the planet Mars is right next to the Moon and Sun. Mars is the planet of war and provides us with the motivation to survive.  Mars in Libra is not very coordinated. Nevertheless, we can use his warrior energy to fight for relationships that matter as well as to severe ties with ones that are no longer peaceful or productive.

The most important part of this New Moon is the opportunity to move forward gracefully into a new world. Presently there are 6 planets in retrograde. That is more than half of the celestial bodies. Retrogrades are periods for re-evaluation, review, and revision. If we try to push forward, it often feels frustrating. And so, for the last several months, we may have felt like we are spinning our wheels and not getting ahead.

Before the Full Moon on October 20th, four of the retrograde planets will go direct. Pluto moves direct today. Saturn goes direct on the 10th. Mercury and Jupiter on the 18th. Finally, we can move forward with a new sense of power (Pluto), foundation (Saturn), wisdom (Jupiter) and an ability to communicate (Mercury).  

What we must decide now is how we plan do this. Will we carry the same mindset into the new world? Will we drift on the surface with limited ineffective Pollyanna affirmations and self-talk? Will we jump on the spirituality bandwagon, go guru gaga because it is the new trendy way of keeping up with the Kardashians?  Or will we dive into the dark side of the Moon and really look at our Shadow?

Relationships are a great mirror for facing our Shadow. Will we use this readily available truth serum, or will we continue to pretend that someone else is the reason for our lack of love, lack of success, lack of progress?  Are we ready to recognize that the ‘others’ in our life are fragments of our consciousness that we energetically invited in so that we can seize the opportunity to expand? 

That is what this New Moon is about. From Libra to Pisces, the journey is about integrating the pieces of our external consciousness so that we can return to the Oneness. The ‘others’ that we are in relationship with are our skillfully chosen soul mates to help us return home. 

If we would like to go fast, then we must recognize that our relationship with self is the lone factor that informs all our ‘other’ relationships. When we are ready to go far, we will appreciate that together with our partners and soul mates, we create incredible opportunities to experience the fullness of our Light. Use the energy of the New Moon and the forward movement of the planets to gracefully go fast and far into the brave new world.

New Moon in Libra Soul Mates

New Moon Rituals:

I highly recommend that you extend these rituals throughout the week. Do some or do all. Do something every day to honor yourself and the Moon.

  1. Disconnect:

Take time to clear out your phone contact list. Are there people there that you don’t even remember who they are? Delete contacts that you no longer connect with.   Go through your emails and delete anything that is crowding your inbox. Make space for new relationships.

  1. Art Project:

If you can safely visit a museum or gallery, spend some time looking at art.  You may also want to enjoy an afternoon of making art. It can be as simple as an adult coloring book, or you may want to dust off the paint brush and canvas and create a masterpiece.

  1. Give new Face:

Libra is the beauty queen and looks at the face value of things. Make time to put your best face forward. Treat yourself to a professional or at home facial.

Now, that your face is aglow, tackle that makeup drawer or bag. Toss any old and expired items. Treat yourself to a makeover and/or a new beauty routine.

  1. Fashion Forward:

Next, declutter your closet. Get rid of those items that are old and tattered, and donate the ones that you will wear when you lose the weight, get a new social circle, etc.   

  1. Journal:

Take time to state your intention for the next 2-week lunar cycle. What can you do now to create a better relationship with yourself? What would you like to see change in how you approach relationships?

  1. Talk it out:

With Sun in Libra, Mercury and the other planets going direct, it can be easier to communicate your feelings. Reach out to a trusted friend or professional and talk it out.

  1. Dance, Dance, Dance:

Libra energy is fun, fun, fun. Put on those dancing shoes. Turn up the music. Cut a rug. Dance like no one is watching.

  1. Decorate:

Libra has a natural flair for elegant aesthetics. This is a great time for a home decorating project. It can be as simple as purchasing a new painting, to decorating a room or renovating your house.                          


My blogs speak about the general movement of the planets, so it is what we experience as we all stand under the same sky. Your natal chart, however, reveals your specific SoulMap for this life.

When you refer to your natal chart, you get a clearer picture of what area of your life the Moon energy will highlight.  

Follow the steps below to find out what area in your life you are called to focus more on this New Moon. Discover where you need a greater sense of peace and harmony.

PART I: Step 1: Cast your natal (birth chart)

1. Go to where you can do this for free. There is a tab for “Extended Chart Selection”. You will need your birth day, year, time, and place.

PART II: Find LIBRA in your natal chart

Do the following steps:

Step 1:  Look for the symbol for LIBRA. It looks like this:


Step 2: Look for it  on the outer rim of the natal chart circle


  • The Black box shows the symbol for LIBRA
  • -The Green oval show the house that LIBRA rules in this person’s natal chart

  • SAMPLE CHART has LIBRA on the 4th house

Step 4: Find the Meaning of the House ruled by LIBRA

Below to see the meaning for each Astrological House and determine what you need to nurture this New Moon

Astrological Houses



This moon, I will create more peace and harmony with my family and home.

This New Moon I will focus on my fill-in-the-blank

There is much more to this. Nevertheless, it is a starting point to provide some idea on your focus this Libra season.

The Beat of the New Moon

Grace sings ‘La Vie en Rose’ the Little Sparrow’s beautiful song. This New Moon, when life takes you in its arms and whispers gently to you, you will begin to see life in pink.  

Grace Jones La Vie en Rose

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