New Moon in Virgo: Celebrate Your Perfection

The goal is progress, not perfection  “

Kathy Freston

Practice does not make perfect
Photo by Minnie Zhou


Today’s New Moon in Virgo fills our day with a burst of energy as we contemplate our perfection.  This New Moon is accompanied by several cosmic events that will help us plan and prepare for a new way to express our uniqueness and to sustain it in our daily lives for the next chapter in our journey.

The New Moon arrives September 6th at 8:52 pm EDT at 14 degrees Virgo. Virgo is a feminine earth sign. It natural home is the 6th house which focuses on wellness, health, jobs and being of service. Virgo grounds us to the practical day to day of this human experience. Virgo’s energy is precise, useful, detailed, structured, productive and efficient.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the planet of thought and communication. This New Moon is about the pragmatic progress of our soul story on earth.

When we arrived as a new born baby, we were perfect in our own unique way.  Our potential inspired a new hope for our family and the world. We were valued for the miracle that we were and the genius of who we would become. Somewhere along the way, though, we swapped out what is different and unique about us and aligned our individuality with a social concept of perfection. 

In our society, perfection has come to mean ‘flawless and without error’. When we are not mindful, we can get trapped in a constant comparison to an inflexible standard set by others. The little voice in our head says ‘If I had or did more of this or less of that, if I looked more like that, then, my life would be better, happy and…perfect.’  This thought process sets us on a perpetual loop of earthly striving vs. spiritual thriving.  

The word ‘perfection’ stems from the Latin ‘per‘ meaning ‘through, or complete’ and from the root ‘facere‘ meaning ‘to do or make‘  Perfection is to make complete. At the root of perfection is the personal invitation to step into our fullness and to experience wholeness. 

In order to step into the fullness of who we are as an individual, we must recognize that our divine spark makes us perfect. We are already complete and whole, regardless of whether or not we keep up with the Joneses.

Our human experience is filled with mistakes. We do not have a chance of being humanly perfect. Thank Goodness! When we use these flawed experiences to our benefit,  we become more aware of our spiritual progress and how to expand and express our soul’s perfection on this earthly plane.  In other words, we grasp what makes us different and how that difference contributes and uplifts  our family, our community and our society  as a whole. 

Most importantly, the acknowledgment of our unique contribution allows us to live our day-to-day with greater efficiency and integrity. It takes less energy and less stress to live our soul’s truth rather than to fit into unproductive social ideals.

Right now many of us are actively navigating our personal ideas around Virgo themes of health and work. The silver lining of the last 18 months is that we are no longer beholden to an outdated social construct, especially around work and lifestyle. 

Our physical, mental and emotional health has also taken on a new level of prioritization.  We have  a fresh awareness of the unpredictability of life.  It is  short and precious. Now more than ever we have to be reborn to our unique potential so that we can celebrate our soul perfection here on earth.  

To assist us, today’s New Moon gets a great deal of cosmic bolstering from several planets. The Virgo Moon (emotions and habits) and the Virgo Sun (expression and vitality)  will get a  push from Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus is the Great Awakener and often shakes us up to a new reality. Presently, Uranus asks us to uproot concepts that do not foster or nurture our individuality.  We are asked to consider the following questions: ‘What makes me different?  ‘What makes me, me’? What is my genius? 

Mars, the planet of motivation and action,  is also in Virgo. He will be in a supportive relationship to Pluto in Capricorn. This will give us intense focus.  It is a great time to plan and prepare our short and long term goals, especially around health and our daily routine. Take time to go deep. Visualize your ideal day from the moment you open your eyes to the time you go to bed. What does your perfect day look like?  Get clear about every hour and every minute. For Virgo, love is in the details. 

Finally, Venus in Libra links up with Jupiter in Aquarius. Venus and Jupiter are the two planets that bring us the sweetest rewards. They remind us that there are people in our lives ready to support and celebrate us for who we are, human flaws and all. Fortunately, our humanness allows for mistakes as well as the opportunity to recognize, self correct and grow from them. And if that isn’t perfect, I am not sure what is.

New Moon Rituals

I highly recommend that you extend these rituals throughout the week. Do some or do all. Do something every day to honor yourself and the Moon.

  1. Garden:

As we move towards the Harvest season, we still have time to plant new seeds. Enjoy time in the garden. From an astrological perspective, the intentions (seeds) planted at a New Moon are harvested two weeks later at the Full Moon and again 6 months later at the corresponding Full Moon. This week physically or metaphorically plant seeds in your garden.

  1. Money Matters:

On this earth plane, a healthy relationship with money is good and necessary. This New Moon, make short and long-term financial plans and budgets. Engage a bookkeeper, accountant, financial planner if you need support. 

  1. Abdominal Massage:

Virgo rules the digestive system. Take time to massage your belly. Start on the right side, move up and across (above the navel). Then slowly move down on the left side. This direction goes along the direction of the large intestines and supports better elimination.

  1. Journal:

Gratitude journals are often suggested as daily ritual for good reasons. It brings you into an energy of receptivity. Make a list of what you are grateful for today and also make a list of what you will be grateful for in 6 months, a year, 5 years and so on.

  1. Prioritize self-care:

Virgo is the sign that focuses on wellness, diet and lifestyle. This New Moon consider one new self-care habit and one new change in your diet. Small, consistent steps! 

  1. Follow your gut:

Virgo rules digestion. Our gut cells resemble the cells of our brain. We do actually think with our gut. That gut feeling is to be honored. This week tune into the guidance you get from your gut instinct and follow it. 

  1. Create a sustainable habit:

Allow Virgo’s earthiness to inspire a new habit for your home planet. Is it time to eliminate laundry detergent that comes in plastic containers? Is it time to consider solar energy? What one new sustainable habit can you incorporate?

  1. Declutter:

Elimination comes in different forms. Detoxification for the body temple and decluttering for the home temple are perfect Virgo activities. Choose one room or drawer to clean out during this New Moon and throughout the Virgo season.


My blogs speak about the general movement of the planets, so it is what we experience as we all stand under the same sky. Your natal chart, however, reveals your specific SoulMap for this life.

When you refer to your natal chart, you get a clearer picture of what area of your life the Moon energy will highlight.  

Follow the steps below to find out what area in your life you are called to focus more on this New Moon. Discover where you need a greater sense of precision and productivity.

PART I: Step 1: Cast your natal (birth chart)

1. Go to where you can do this for free. There is a tab for “Extended Chart Selection”. You will need your birth day, year, time and place.

PART II: Find VIRGO in your natal chart

Do the following steps:Step 1:  Look for the symbol for VIRGO. It looks like this:

Virgo Glyph

Step 2: Look for it  on the outer rim of the natal chart circle


Virgo on the cusp

Step 3. Look for the Astrological House (or life area) that VIRGO rules


  • The Black box shows the symbol for VIRGO
  • -The Green oval show the house that VIRGO rules in this person’s natal chart
  • SAMPLE CHART has VIRGO on the 3rd house

Step 4: Find the Meaning of the House ruled by VIRGO

Below to see the meaning for each Astrological House and determine what you need to nurture this New Moon

Astrological Houses



This moon, I will be more precise and productive with my siblings and neighborhood

This New Moon I will focus on my fill-in-the-blank

There is much more to this. Nevertheless, it is a starting point to provide some idea on your focus this Virgo season.

The Beat of the New Moon

Duran Duran sings ‘New Moon on Monday’ I couldn’t help myself 🙂 This New Moon, light a torch and wave it at the Moon. It is time to break away with the best of both worlds with a smile that you can’t disguise. 

Be Well,


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